Dior girl in Saint Tropez

Dior girl in Saint Tropez

Dior girl in Saint Tropez

This girl started posing at the entrance of Christian Dior in Saint-Tropez. You see a lot of girls posing in front of designer stores in Saint-Tropez, and subsequently their friends taking pictures. The house of Christian Dior, with its style and class, is a different league at the beautiful venue they own in Saint-Tropez.

Waiting in class, take the time, and prepare for the next shoot.

Prepare for the next shoot en GO!

This girl could be one of the next top-model girls, an absolute stunning pose! If she is the next bond girl, remember this shot!

7 thoughts on “Dior girl in Saint Tropez

  1. Or just wannebe’s who can’t afford the stuff but pose in front of the store faking their insta-famous lives 😉 ….. all for the “gram”

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