Dirty factory in Liege

This Dirty factory in Liege was absolutely one of my most coldest and dirtiest Urbex factories until now.

Dirty factory in Liege

The weather was extremely cold for the time of year and the sky looked cloudy and sad. The factory is located in a part of Liege where you don’t pick up positive vibes, to be honest.

Very big machines, several floors deep. Amazing, really.

This massive control panel really showed a lot of decay. I always imagine myself that people worked here, probably their whole lives.

Storage hall with a nice reflection.

Let’s take a look at the offices, going up the stairs first until we arrive at the ‘penthouse’ level.

Here we are, office hallway with a lot of decay as well.

This felt like another planet, the cold, the dirt, the loneliness.
End of Dirty factory in Liege in Urbex Photography.

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